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Dangerous Doctrine: Sepratism

Dangerous Doctrine #2: Separatism and seclusionism: “It’s just me and God and that’s all that matters”. Ok so this one is a fair bit shorter than my last instalment and a bit less formal and academic. This is because this is something that to me get’s a bit more personal, as the Christians around me don’t generally fall into the trap of Shepherding or being overly controlled, ...

Dangerous Doctrine: Shepherding

Dangerous Doctrines: Shepherding.I want to do a series on Dangerous doctrines. It may take a while between blogs as this one has taken me a month to write.. This isn’t to bash churches with different worship styles or even those that disagree on theological subjects. Jesus’ warning in Matthew 7 is about the danger of deception. While there are times when people get things wrong ...

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